The Best Online Boutique You’ll See Today

Vintage Way Out Blue & White Pinstripe Bow by helloscarlett

Vintage Way Out Blue & White Pinstripe Bow by helloscarlett

The best looking online store you’re going to find isn’t a big name chain store, high fashion New York dot com boutique, or trendy west coast online shop. While taking a coffee break today, do yourself a favor and click on over to the blog derived ‘Hello, Scarlett Store’ on Etsy. As of this morning there are exactly fifteen items for sale, but that’s all we needed to see to become huge fans of this eclectic shop. The product catalog shots communicate a boutique, curated offering of unique items better than most physical boutiques do. The sense of composition, aesthetic and detail is head and shoulders above what the average merchant or big-box team is willing or able to commit to. We’re trying to figure out what if any filters were used, but regardless, the little details come through. A blouse is arranged in an artful fold, with camera and plant composition. Real people act as models lending authenticity to the shopping experience. Beautiful photographs of the Canadian prairie are arranged against a wood backdrop. It all helps to bridge many of the challenges of shopping online for one-of-a-kind tangible products. Our mind’s eye can see the art on our walls or the fabric in our hands. And it’s not overly contrived, or overwrought. It’s a perfect balance of art and reality. In a world of middling online shopping experiences, the ‘Hello, Scarlett Store’ is a shining example to online, as well as brick and mortar stores, that attention to detail in how you present your products is one of the most important aspect of your success as a merchant.


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