Cool Carpet

An interesting catalog arrived in the mail this week – it was from FLOR. Not surprisingly, they make floor carpet tiles. I may have seen them before, or even gotten one of their catalogs before, but for whatever reason my interest was rekindled in the concept of floor tiles.


Looking at the patterns in the catalog I started thinking, you know this is really an awesome product because the possibilities are endless. You can get the look of a traditional carpet / area rug but with a lot more design freedom.

The recyclable tiles are 19.7″ square and they go together easily with little FLORdots in the corners.

We’re finishing off space in the basement of our home office right now, and this product would be perfect to go over the porcelain tile to warm things up visually and physically.

Presumably you could likely use FLOR in a commercial or office setting, though the website doesn’t say specifically.

Pricing isn’t too bad either, comparable to a similarly sized area rug.

Here are some of our favs from their website:






Here is my write up from seeing ‘The Hateful Eight’ in 70mm. I posted on my nine apple trees blog, but the movie experience is applicable to retail experiences, so re-blogging it here as well. Enjoy.


nine apple trees

I went to the movies last night.

I don’t know if you know this, but I enjoy going to the movies.

A lot.

I like the emersion into another world, and the escapism from our own, if for only a couple hours.

Last night I went with a few friends to see Quentin Tarantino’s eighth movie, coincidentally titled ‘The Hateful Eight’.

While I am a fan of movies, I am by no means a movie trivia buff, or rather I don’t remember movies verbatim like some people. So I won’t really give you a review that compares this movie to his others. Some of his movies such as ‘Reservoir Dogs‘ I could see again tomorrow and it would a new experience. And others, including ‘Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2‘ I haven’t even seen. I suppose in a way this makes me a less than stellar self…

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Checkout Lighting

Over the holiday I saw new check lane lighting installed at my local grocery store. I have to say I love it. They’re slim, cool white LED light strips that shin up on the magazines, and down on the candy.

The rest of the store is well lit with warm lighting. These cool white lights “pop” and bring a lot of interest to the check lane. I feel they really elevate the shopping experience – make it seem classy and higher end.

Some might wonder if all this lighting ultimately gets lost, but the use of cool lights really makes the experience stand out.

Well done.