You’ve found our design blog. You’ll find lots of (hopefully) neat design related entries about retail design, products we like, what we’re thinking and what we’re seeing out there. It’s also an opportunity for you to gain insight as to how we approach our work and our perspective of the world around us.

We’re a design firm made up of a bunch of really great people who love going to work everyday doing really awesome stuff. Yes, I over simplify things but really….that’s how we look at it. This blog is here to help us connect and interact with you. 

So welcome, take a break, grab a cup of coffee, beer or whatever you drink and read away. Also please do me a favor, if you read something you like, or hate…(or you have anything to share) send us a comment – we need this to be interactive. Oh, and one last thing, if you like what you see, please tell a friend and spread the word.  Thanks.

If you’d like to know more about our firm, visit Chris Weigand Design online for more info. We’re a full service design consultancy bringing a holistic approach to helping brands connect with customers. 


About Chris:

An industrial designer, and artist, with over 20 years experience designing effective, simple, artful product and retail solutions. The results of his retail design work can be seen in over 30,000 retail doors including the likes of Wal-Mart and Target. He brings a holistic designer’s thought process to every facet of his practice: from business, to research, to design. With keen interests in design, the environment, people and business, he brings a valued perspective to his clients, few others can offer. When he’s not working on projects, Chris enjoys painting, writing, various other hobbies and spending time with his family and friends.


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