Our Maxims

These are the work maxims that we operate by at Chris Weigand Design, LLC. We’re sharing them here. We think they are pretty good rules to live by in business, and life. Feel free to borrow, shape and craft your own for work or your own personal endeavors.

Chris Weigand Design, LLC Maxims

Simplicity – We strive to achieve a design equilibrium that does not compromise either the artistic or the logical, but complements both while optimizing the end-user experience. Everything shall serve its purpose. There is no waste. Our solutions are built upon a balanced foundation.

Anything is possible – There is no challenge too large or small. We bring imagination and optimism to every design opportunity. We constantly ask “why” and challenge conventional thinking. Our expertise, creativity and knowledge enables us to realistically embrace this as a core belief.

Understand value – We understand the business value and benefits of the creative design solutions we provide. And we not only provide solutions, we provide value in everything we do. We understand the present and will help achieve the desired future state.

Anticipate need – We do not simply rest after providing solutions to the design challenges brought to us; instead, we proactively seek opportunities upon which we can bring our professional design experience to bear. We will leverage our expertise as designers to meet or exceed all needs. No stone will go unturned.

Positive impact – We are our clients “go-to” resource for creating effective design solutions that positively impact their world. Our Purpose is to make a constructive difference in everything we do. Our clients set high expectations for us and we plan to exceed those expectations every time.


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