We love the planet…like, a lot. As designers understand the harm we can bring to the world around us through poor design decisions. When me imagine and create, we consider, throughout the process, the impact our designs will have on the environment. Material and process selection are important to assure we’re arriving at the best solution; a solution that performs the necessary tasks without harming the world around us. Our aim is to help preserve our environment for future generations until they can take the reins. We understand that we are custodians of this world. We will work to leave our planet better off than we found it for the benefit of all children of all species, for all time.


We will:

Work with nature – We are believers in the ‘Cradle to Cradle’ ideal, and do everything we can to arrive at planet-friendly, human-centric design solutions that leverage and complement the natural world around us in a positive, nurturing and beneficial-to-all manner. It’s our duty.

Be in wonder – We never lose our sense of wonder, awe or joy. We explore our natural world and celebrate it through design. It’s how we create.

Lead – We strive to be leaders in sustainable design by example. Our clients benefit from thoughtful design solutions. We constantly push ourselves to not be satisfied with being simply “less bad“. We owe it to you.

Teach and learn – We will share our knowledge of sustainability and design not only with our clients, but also with our fellow designers, the industries we work with, friends…anyone who will listen. Then we will be quiet and learn from them, and nature. That’s how we succeed. 


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