2014 CLE Auto Show

While the Cleveland Auto Show doesn’t get any national press, and rarely does it get a new car introduction, we still think it’s a gem of an event right in our back yard. The show is, or was at one time, the largest auto show after Detroit, New York City, Chicago and L.A. The main advantage of the show here in CLE is that parking is plentiful and free, and you can essentially sit in every car – the show is canted towards real people, who buy real cars. There’s even an area to ride along in a new Jeep or test drive other cars in the parking lot.

And with the uptick in the economy the show has recently been benefiting from fancy human¬†models (male and female) touting the new car features, as well as many of the same exhibit displays you’d see in the larger markets. At the low point of the recession, the show was basically cars on carpet with no one around. The one thing we didn’t see too many of this year were concept cars. It seems the industry is focused on putting near production models on the turn tables instead of blue sky dream cars. We’re not sure if this is universal at many of the shows, but it’s a trend snippet worth delving into more….

When we went the show was incredibly crowded so getting photos was a tad difficult due to the sheer number of people all over the place. Here are a few photos we did snap as we walked the show floor.  Enjoy.